Tuesday, August 7, 2007

What I'm Drinking 3.0

What I'm drinking

Three Floyd's Brian Boru- I'm usually not a big fan of Irish red, but the beer is hopped in what's becoming a traditional "three floyd's" style and turned out really well. If you like Killian's you'll love Brian Boru because it's a full percent higher in alcohol and sports a much "bigger" flavor. At $8 for a 22 oz, you can sip this all night or buy two and get bombed for the evening. Cut with your favorite barley wine to create an amazing Irish Phil.

New Glarus Belgian Red - Most cherry beers taste like medicine. Not this one. Simply amazing. Don't believe me? Find another beer on ratebeer.com that lists 100% that you can get in the midwest. So if you're ever in Wisconsin, find this beer. A pound of cherries goes into every bottle, and the beer is aged in oak barrels for over a year. This is probably the most complex domestic beer I've ever had, and at 5.1% alcohol something that would slow me down after 3 or 4. Its only drawback is its pairing ability. Drink this on its own, or with bbq smoked with cherry or apple wood.

What I'm Avoiding

Okocim O.K. Beer- If you're looking to add on to your drunken rampage on a friday or saturday night, drink this beer. Otherwise it's just not worth it. My friend described it best when he said it had an "industrial aftertaste indicative of eastern block beers". I don't know about "eastern block beers" but I do know this beer taste like some body dumped in some gasoline and stirred it with their hand. At $8 a six pack its just not worth it.


Brown Buddy said...

did you forget to include "semen" again this week?

jnicho5 said...

No, because the name of the article isn't "What I'm feeding Brown Buddy"

har har har

AngryWhiteMan said...

Jesus man, are you an alcoholic now? Hobbies are cool but shit... I think you should take up Warcraft. It's much easier on the liver.