Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Cubs Aren't F*cked. And Ian Zeiring...as himself.

1) Deep breath, Cubs fans. You aren't out of anything...yet. If they could afford to lose one of the troika of DLee, A-Ram and Soriano, I'd say Soriano would be the guy they could afford to lose for the month. He's miscast as a leadoff hitter...the vast majority of his homeruns are of the solo variety, and he doesn't really get on base at that impressive a clip (he's no Kelly Johnson, at least). So whoever replaces him (Pie? Pagan?) will have to simply be adequate...and their pitching will take care of the rest.

2) Brady Quinn signs! Every year, everyone gets all bent out of shape over training camp holdouts. It couldn't have mattered less in Quinn's case, who wasn't going to start anyway. I'm actually part of a number of Browns fans who are mildly intrigued by Derek Anderson potentially winning the starting job. Anyone who saw his dismantling of the KC Chiefs last year knows this guy has a big arm and is fearless in the pocket. Good news is, he won't have to be nearly as fearless as he would have in previous years, with Kevin Schaffer, LaCharles Bentley, and 3rd overall pick Joe Thomas shoring up what could be a halfway decent offensive line. Oh, and lest we forget Eric Steinbach...a free agent steal from the Bengals.

3) I forgot to comment on this when it happened last week, but I hope its not lost on anyone that Tim Couch signed with the Jags last week. History has been completely unfair to Timmy Couch, unfortunately. Here's a guy who had unrealistic expectations heaped on him from the moment he was drafted. But lest we forget, he led a freakin' expansion team to the playoffs in his third full season as a starter. Then he got screwed over by one of the most incompetent coaching staffs in recent memory, tore up his shoulder, and sat for three years. This guy deserves his shot...even if its to have a Tommy Maddox-like career. He deserves better than what he got in Cleveland.

4) How could I forget my Lollapalooza review?? I only went on Sunday, but I got to see four bands I've never seen before, and have always wanted to see. First, the highlight of the day was Iggy Pop inviting everyone onto stage with him, then expecting everyone to leave in a timely manner so he could finish his set. I WILL say that it was rather disappointing that the Stooges didn't play a single song off Raw Power, one of the greatest and most influential rock/punk albums of all time. Then it dawned upon me that Iggy really doesn't have the vocal range for "Search and Destroy" anymore (which is unfortunate, since its probably my favorite song of all time). I was dying to see that song performed live, but as it stands, I'll live with the memory of the greatest commercial of all time, and, in my opinion, the best implementation of a song in a commercial (The Who's "Baba O'Rielly" in the Nissan XTerra commercial is a close second...and dammit I couldn't find it online). Anyways, Pearl Jam rocked the house, of course. But what was odd was the final song (Rockin' in the Free World) where all of Eddie Vedder's "friends" came on stage with him. We're talking about a couple dudes in wheelchairs, a fat red haired dude, Dennis Rodman, and Lance Armstrong. This of course led to speculation by myself and Skurny, can you think of an odder conglomeration of people in one place? I said maybe the 2007 Cavaliers, or perhaps even the cast and crew of the movie Domino.

He suggested the Goals Group.


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