Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sori-oh-no! -- by J.O.B.

1) The Cubs effectively kissed their shot at the playoffs goodbye Sunday night with the loss of Alfonso Soriano to a quad injury. If their home run leader doesn't return until the 1st of September (right around Piniella's Labor Day expectation,) it will be 24 games missed from last night's 2-1 loss till the final month of the season. If the Cubs even go .500 during that time, they'll be out of not only the Division race, but the Wild Card race as well. The Brewers have stumbled, but I don't think they're going to tank and the competition coming from the five other teams challenging for a wild card spot isn't going away either. The Cubs will play 10 games against teams above .500 during the stretch, with only the 3 of those in Wrigley (against the Brewers,) and they've got a four-gamer against the Cardinals who've won as many of their last 10 as the Cubs have. Well at least it all happened after the trading deadline, right? RIGHT?! Welcome to year 100 of the rebuilding plan ...

2) Yeah, I know I know - right now they can only make small things levitate, but how long do you really think it'll be before someone comes out with the Casimer bed ...

3) Looking for sushi? At the moment, my spot to hit up is Butterfly on Grand. I went there a couple weeks ago and expected it to be a decent alternative to Sushi Wabi at best. What I discovered was a place with tremendous atmosphere, great proportions and reasonable pricing. Similar to Wabi, the seating at B'fly gets tight when the place is hopping, but the rolls at the top of their food chain (the Godzilla - my personal fave,) is not only $4 cheaper, but seemed to be bigger as well, and just as good. The crowd is generally 20's and 30's trendy with plenty of "talent" on both sides of the gender spectrum (guys and girls at our table were routinely caught following someone walking to or from the bathroom with their eyes.) The staff is quick and considerate, and even during a generally busy time, seating wasn't a long wait - less than 5 minutes. It's BYOB, so if you're not happy with the drink menu, it's your fault. I've been there twice in the last 30 days, so obviously I'm a fan.

4) This story has been out for a couple days, but it shows why I love Chad Johnson so much: http://sports.aol.com/fanhouse/2007/07/31/chad-johnson-promises-td-celebration-that-will-live-on-for-a-li/

"Week 1, if I touch the end zone you will laugh for a lifetime. I guarantee you," said the Pro Bowl wide receiver to a gathering of reporters following a sultry Monday morning practice in full pads at Georgetown College."

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