Monday, September 24, 2007

Happiness, butterflies, and rainbows.

The title might sound gay but that's about as shitty as my life has been in the past month. Sorry guys, I've been way too busy being unemployed to post. Waking up by noon and doing nothing (if I choose), it's been hard.

F. Random thought... I hate women. Does that make me gay? I love sex with them... I love thinking of them as sex objects... but anything more than that is a fucking waste. The are money grubbing opportunists.. And no, I've never been fucked over U. and my love life is actually pretty good right now. Just shows that some things won't ever change.

Well, if you are willing to settle for an average, run of the mill, normal bitch, then you won't have this problem. But what about the guy who has standards? What about the guy who cares that his woman presents herself in a decent manner? That's where men fail. Get an ugly chick that has an extra 50 lbs and you are money. But that's not enough... that ugly bitch needs to stay ugly because the second you get them that boob job or the plastic surgery to fix that fucked up nose, they are out doing what the do best... looking for the next best opportunity. Can you blame them? of course not.. they are taught this shit since birth. The man must buy dinner, the man must buy this and that... treat you to this and that.... Listen up men, get an ugly bithc and keep her. Now that I mention it, I vaguely remember my dad, more or less, telling me the same thing but not in such an asshole way. He just told me the way it is.. Thanks dad.

Happiness, butterflies, and 12" black dildos (what's the obsession with black dildos?).... Don't confuse the happiness, I will always see reality for what it is. Bottom line is that I don't need a stupid ass cunt getting in the way of what makes me happy or successful.. the two actually go hand in hand.

U. As for movies, like I said, I've been unemployed.... so I've had a chance to see a lot of movies. A lot. Too many to mention. Of all the movies I've seen over the past few months, there is one that comes to mind... Barton Fink... It's one of those movies that make you think. An oldie but goodie. you can actually catch it free "on demand" if you have comcast.

C. The Cards.. . Well, the fucked up all chance of doing anything. To think that they were in the race 2 weeks ago.. What a shame. Praise god for HGH or else we wouldn't have Ankiel. God love that man. Pujols kicking ass as a PH. Anybody see anything wrong with this picture? Well, as the Cubbies say, "At least we have next year." I'll be there watching the playoffs with my "Cubs Suck T" laughing all the way. Seeing them loose will be a good as my Cards winning last year.

K. Where the fuck has everybody been? We are getting around 3 - 4 posts a week. Step it up bitches!! '

ERS. Oh yeah, I'm having a house warming party on November 1stish. Or as soon as we get move into the new place. It's not in the west loop now due to the minorities (not my idea, I actually love minories (Actually, I don't))so I'll let you know the address lata bitches.

gay is as gay is


Brown Buddy said...

This may have been the greatest post in the history of this site. Does anyone not agree?

J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

He's a big honking fag, but yeah, trememndous post. It's like storing up that load for multiple weeks and then splitting the porcelain when you finally let it out.