Thursday, September 6, 2007

Where we at??

Alright, no one going to post? Dammit I will...

1) I know everyone has a boner for the NFL right now, but I'm one of the few who possesses the ability to see through the ridiculous spectacle. The pre-game Faith Hill musical followed by This Is Our Country/Peyton Manning commercials, can I say it took roughly 3 minutes to be sick of the NFL being in love with itself. I watched South Park during the commercials and watched the game on mute. Luckily for me, I missed Andrea Kramer equating Tony Dungy's Super Bowl win to various moments of the civil rights movement. I'll take the pennant races, thanks!

2) I'm a huge advocate of anyone who can point out that Scoop Jackson is the biggest fucking hack toolbox on the planet. God he sucks. (thats a hilarious read, by the way)

3) NO one has anything to say about Michigan last weekend? I know Skurny is keeping quiet for obvious reasons...but this is right in JOB's wheelhouse! My stance on the situation was, was a great game, fun to watch, great for college football (in that the powder puff early seasons scheduling HAS to end, doens't it??). But really...and I mean really...are we really that happy about something that has Ohio State fans elated right now?

4) Got into an argument this weekend with several people that don't know what they are talking about. Do you know Paula Deen on the Food Network? The old white haired lady that is a walking southern stereotype? Well, let me clue you in on something- NO ONE IN THE SOUTH TALKS LIKE THAT! THAT'S A FUCKING CARTOON CHARACTER! I cannot stress that enough. In the 8 years I lived in Virginia (and this is southwest VA, not DC northern VA, so spare me the "that aint the south" bullshit), I've never in my fucking life heard anyone talk like her (or her cartoonish sons, the hosts of Road Tested). In fact, I'd go as far to say that their bojangling, cartoonish shtick makes every REAL southerner look bad. Its a joke, and someone had to say something. So there. I said it!

Talk amongst yourselves


jnicho5 said...

I actually met a woman from texas who talks like that. My Dad is from Alabama and no one from down there talks like that.

Skurny said...

I refuse to answer any Michigan related questions until further notice.

Thank you.