Sunday, September 9, 2007


1) Cubs, Sox, and the U.S. Soccer (who played at soldier field) team all lose today. I had hope for the Bears, and then Adrian Peterson fumbled.
2) Honestly it looks like the Bears picked up where they left off. Defense is crazy. Offense is spotty at best.
3) I swear to God I saw a topless woman at the Philly, Greenbay game. The shot came during the pre-game show. McNabb was going into the locker room and this woman was screaming for his attention. He was looking the other way, but it looked like her shirt was in her hands and the only thig covering her breasts wer some beads. Did anyone else see this?
4) Who is this a victory for? Lake? Sandberg? SNL? To bad this wasn't aired, I would of like to know if they announced it as "Cock in the Box" or what...

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Brown Buddy said...

Dick in a Box wasn't aired? Absolutely it of the greatest alltime SNL moments. Me and my roommate are going as Dick in a Box for halloween this year, actually