Monday, September 10, 2007

Back From Blog Vaca - by J.O.B.

1) Game one of "The Year Grossman Proves It's Not His Fault" is in the books, and I'm real frigging worried about the running game. Try and say Sexy Rexy wasn't able to bring the Bears back through the air all you want, but this is a team who's running game sets up the passing game. Benson managed a best run of 11 yard against a defense that often didn't put more than 6 or 7 in the box. Grossman took multiple big shots from the Charger D including the big hit on the second offensive play of the game, and continued to stay gutsy in the pocket. Yes, he had the odd fumble but didn't lose it and that wasn't what cost them by a long shot. Maybe I should change it to "The Year Benson Proves It's His Fault." Can we get Tiki out of retirement?

2) I'll be guest-hosting tomorrow on a new radio station that NPR has started called Vocalo. The show will be live on 89.5 FM and simultaneously webcast live on from 2-5 tomorrow and then repeated after that. If all goes well, I'm looking into either being the full-time guest host or maybe snagging a show of my own.

3) In what some may see as a rare sidestep for me, I love U. of Michigan football. I know I'm a homer for nearly all Chicago sports teams, but I think college sports should get a pass. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see Northwestern or Illinois win the Big Ten and challenge for a National Title, and I cheer for them to do so, but let's be real. When either does have a shot at doing so - which has only been Northwestern two times in the last 15 years, I cheer for them over UofM. Otherwise - it's go Blue. My only comment is a prayer for the retirement of Lloyd Carr.

4) Who's the tool that convinced MTV execs that having a bunch of the best talent present perform in hotel suites to be aired in 5 second snippets instead of the main stage? Like him or not, Kanye shouldn't be in a suite being seen by 100 people when there's a whole audience, both live and at home, that should be watching. I've never seen an award show give a bigger "F-U" to a larger percentage of people. Britney's lame drug-hazed looking performance opens a show and Fall Out Boy is stuck playing in some hotel room? At least give me some type of graphic so I know who all these people are singing and playing in these random rooms. The show is more about performances than it is about awards and when you isolate performances to an effing hotel room, the show is doomed. Eff MTV in the pooper with a sledgehammer.

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