Monday, September 10, 2007

Goals, Debacles and South America

1. First, allow me to apologize for not posting in forever…Scranton has been really, really busy and my weekends have been crazy…New York, Philly, Poconos, etc…anyway, I’m back bitches.

2. Ok…so I’m leaving again…but this time it’s out of the country. Thursday evening I board a flight from JFK in New York to Lima, Peru. I’ll be there for 11 days hiking, hitchhiking, creating international disturbances, etc. To see the Machu Picchu Trek I’m doing you can look here: I’ll be in Lima, Cusco and somewhere in the Andes Mountains.

3. After Peru…I’m back (again)…looks like Munster, Indiana is the next stop for this guy. I will be in attendance at BB’s Beertober Fest (and I think my German name should get me in for free). I know I know, Irish guy with a German name, that’s how adoption works, kids.

4. Please allow me to address the Michigan situation briefly. First, Michigan was highly overrated going into the season…meaning, they lost most of their defense and all of the secondary (hence them giving up something like 500 yards in the first half to Oregon). Second, this is going to benefit the team in the long run. I feel terrible for Jake Long and Mike Hart, who came back this year to beat Ohio State and win a Bowl Game (both of which could still happen, I suppose). It’s clear that Long and Hart are not to blame for either, especially when you look at the numbers: 48 attempts, 315 yards, 6.6 YPC, 3 TD’s, 0 fumbles. Henne’s out this weekend against Notre Dame, which at this point, might be a blessing. The more interesting story is that Michigan is not disclosing the injury, which makes me think he either had a severe meltdown, is embarrassed or just a pussy who can’t take the pressure. John Fucking Navarre won more big games than this guy. Ryan Mallett, the highly touted freshman will start in his place on Saturday. Mallett and Clausen are each the quarterbacks of the future and hopefully Mallett won’t have to do much. Finally, even after the lost to App State, I felt like Carr’s job was safe until after the season…now I’m not so sure. Firing a coach (especially someone like Carr who’s been around for years) is NOT the “Michigan Way” but you know what? Fuck the Michigan Way. Carr’s time has passed, it’s easy to see: the boring playbook, inability to make in game adjustments, atrocious special teams play, can’t beat Tressel, failure to motivate and prepare his players (including an offense LOADED with Seniors) and a defense that looks lost…The season is ruined, the program embarrassed and the fans shell-shocked. We still haven’t won a game since Bo died and it makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it. I’m cutting it off right now before my day is ruined.


Brown Buddy said...

Are Peruvian women hot? I feel like they are...I'm basing this on nothing, mind you, but I just have a feeling.

Also, nice use of the "I fucked a donkey" tag. How fitting

jnicho5 said...

Munster Indiana? That's Three Floyd's Brewery Territory!