Sunday, October 14, 2007

Depressing Bears Make Me Post -- by J.O.B.

1) How do you have two players that wrap and tackle so well, and nine others that don't come close? Yes, the Norse version of Adrian Peterson is super-talented and is worthy of the praise he's getting right now, but on each of his long TD runs multiple Bears had legit shots at making tackles and blew it. At some point the reputation of being a "big play" defense has convinced some players (:cough: Danieal Manning :cough:) that it's best to go for a strip instead of a tackle. That's not how it works - make the tackle right and either the player will end up fumbling on his own or a teammate will come in and make it happen. You can't put the priority on forcing the fumble or else you'll end up watching the ass-end of a sperm headed helmet dance into the endzone.

2) 45 passes. Can we admit that getting rid of Thomas Jones was dumb? Until the 4th quarter there was no reason for the Bears to have to get out of their "run first" mindset. However, Cedric Benson had 18 carries for 67 yards. At almost 4 yards a carry, it was looking like one of his most productive days. What happened? When Bears QB's have to throw more than 35 times and Bears RB's run less than 20, the odds are they are going to lose. Nothing burns a defense out more than impatience from their offensive counterpart.

3) Someone needs to check and see if Devin Hester is actually from this planet. Any punter not talented enough to put it out of bounds 40 yards downfield is probably in for a long day. Yes, it's sport and part of sport is the challenge and competition of trying to beat what seems unbeatable, but the guy has as many return TD's in less than a season and a half as Muhsin Muhammed had receiving TD's in his first two years as a Bear. He averages a return for TD almost once every 2 games. Oh yeah, and he caught the 80 yard bomb to tie the game before the coverage team gave it away.

4) To even go 9-7, this team will have to go 7-3 the rest of the way, but I don't think 9-7 will get them in. So to go 10-6 they'll need finish 8-2. Out of visits to Philly, Seattle, Washington and Minnesota, and home games against Detroit, Green Bay, Denver and the Giants, can anyone really feel that there are two losses or less left for this team?

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jnicho5 said...

Thank you for your Cedric Benson wake up call. You used to defend him over Thomas Jones last year. Getting rid of Thomas Jones was the biggest mistake the bears made. A lack of a running game put too much pressure on rexy and he cracked. Thomas Jones is the man.