Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'm Goin' Back To Cali -- by J.O.B.

1) Today was my Friday ... I fly out to L.A. in about 4 hours for a little business/pleasure trip. Mrs. J.O.B. and Lil' J.O.B. have been out there for a week already so I'm ready to get out of here. A lot of people don't like the general personality of the folks in La-La-land, but I seem to make out okay.

2) Are we really about to get Colorado vs. Cleveland for all the marbles? Purple vs. That Team From Major League? Look, when a comedy is made about the absurdity of you even winning the pennant, you should never, ever win a World Series again. Unbeknown to many, this is the reason the Cubs will never win the Series. They've been immortalized in not one, but two comedies as Series winners - the well known Back To The Future II, and the lesser known (but probably better) Taking Care Of Business. Nothing like the comedy team of Charles Grodin and Jim Belushi. Who knew J.J. Abrams would go onto the successes he's had after writing that?

3) Anybody got any Halloween plans? I've laid low when it comes to the holiday in recent years and I'm thinking about participating again. It's kind of a take-it or leave-it day for me since I have this feeling that as an adult I should rock some kick-ass costume if I'm going to wear anything. I just never want to spend the time to build one of those operational Transformer costumes.

4) Just when the Bulls are looking like they are for real contenders all on their own, Kobe wants out of L.A. and it looks like the Bulls are the prime potential suitor. I can only hope that whomever they have to give up (at least Luol Deng and either Gordon or Heinrich, plus a big and a pick) isn't going to wreck the chemistry so much that they can't move forward in the East. I'm interested to see how Kobe does under Skiles' stern leadership considering he waffled under Phil's more laissez-faire approach.


Brown Buddy said...

Just out of you subscribe to the incredibly lame (in my opinion) school of thought that, "getting Kobe is like cheating, I want to see them win with the group they have"?

God I hope not.

As for Halloween- Party at Joes on Weed!

And don't be bitter about the potential WS- two small markets who slayed big market, big payroll teams. Plus, they are loaded, and filled with young, exciting superstars. If they played in bigger markets, it'd be the "best world series ever"...but they play in Cleveland and Denver, so the most interesting storyline the folks at ESPN will come up with is "its a rematch of the 89 AFC Championship!"

J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

No, I definitely don't subscribe to that theory. I subscribe to the theory of not exchanging 15 dimes for a single dollar bill. I'm all for having Kobe in Chicago - I like the risk and it's a big time move. I don't care who gets moved and who stays as long as it ends up with another trophy in Chicago.

I'm not bitter about the potential WS, and I don't subscribe to the small market hatred theory. This isn't about small market defeats big market. It's about a team that wears purple vs. a team in a city that I'd never visit. If Colorado wore black and silver or (honestly) anything other than purple, I'd root for them like crazy - I'd like to visit Colorado. Cleveland on the other hand, could wear the most stupendous uni's in the world, resurrect Ted Williams, Vida Blue and Satchel Page and I still could't bring myself to cheer for them. I know, you lived there, but I just can't dig the city.

I'd have cheered the small market D'Backs on if they got there (despite the poor on-placket placement of the "a" in D-Backs on their jersey,) but they didn't. I guess I'll have to cheer on Cleveland in the old-school tradition of cheering for the team that emerged from the same division as your favorite.