Monday, October 1, 2007

God I Love October

A rowdy party on Saturday ushered in my favorite month of the year: October (or as Dane Cook calls it, Actober! Get it??). Here are four things I'm thinking right now regarding the greatest part about the greatest month of the year.

1) Watching this Padres/Rockies game is painful in a lot of ways right now. First off, its tied 6-6 in the bottom of the ninth...and though I could give a crap about either team, I'm still tied in knots. God I love postseason baseball. However, I truly hate announcers who suck, and the two dimwits doing this wildcard playoff game truly suck balls. The lead commentator sounds like he just woke up, and Craig Sager and his technicolor dream coat have the sideline duties. On the bright side, the Rockies fans are adorable. One sign read "bring on the Cubs". Ummm...dipshits...lets not tempt fate by looking past your opponents. Oh, and you play the Phillies if you win this game, not the Cubs. And if you were referring to the NLCS, the Cub fans thank you for jinxing them as if that franchise doesn't have enough superstition to overcome.

2) Speaking of the Cubs, here's what I think about the D-Backs/Cubs series. First of all, the archaic, nonsensical rule that the wild card team can't play the division winner is moronic. Makes NO sense. SO now the Diamondbacks, the only NL team to win even 90 games (boy that sounds strange, doesn't it?), have to play a division winner in the first round, as opposed to the winner of the Pads/Rockies game. So the Phillies, who are red hot by the way, get to play either the Rockies or Padres, both of whom have burned their best pitcher before even taking the field in game one. How is this fair? This needs to change. And Cub fans should be complaining about this, why...when they won their division outright...should they face the best team in the league (record wise, at least)? Besides that, the Dbacks scare the shit out of me. Young team, nothing to lose, gunslinger mentality...and not to mention Brandon Webb twice in a 5 game series. The Cubs match up well against any NL team, but this was their worst possible draw. These Diamondbacks remind me too much of the '03 Marlins. Sorry to go all Joe Buck on you all, but thats my two cents.

3) Matt Holliday needed to go 0-5 in order for Chipper to win his first batting title (and subsequently clinch a spot in the hall of fame). It didn't happen. Thank you Matt Holliday, for shitting on the only silver lining of the 2007 Atlanta Braves. Dick

4) If you're not rooting for the Indians in the AL, you simply have no soul. Either that, or you're the type of person who roots for A. The Taliban, B. the House in Blackjack, C. the Soviets during the Cold War, or D. Ivan Drago, or E. all of the above. Why do I think AWM is this person?

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Skurny said...

Couldn't agree more about the playoff setup they have in place now...they should do it like Hockey, in my opinion. Top record plays the worst record, no matter whether they're division winners or not. "Rewarding" the Division winner Cubs to play AT Arizona is a joke.

The Rockies/Pads game last night was the best baseball game I've seen in recent memory (other than the last play, which was a questionable safe call), though. I am officially ready for playoff baseball, even if the Tigers aren't a part of it this year