Monday, October 1, 2007

Party Sum Up

1) Much fun was had.
2) Some girl accused AWM's girlfriend of stealing. AWM and his girlfriend left.
3) That girl had a right hand like greased lightning. She would have kicked AWM's ass.
4) JOB showed up. Then left.
5) Mark may have gotten laid in the middle of the party. He got at least a BJ.
6) Hopefully Andy got some girls digits. Didja?


Brown Buddy said...

I'm going with "no comment" on that one. I'll just leave you with Andy's comment at work today

me: "was it that obvious?"

andy: "ummm...yeah"

Oh, and AWM, sorry about Chad's crazy girlfriend. Right after you left she threw a beer on him and she left too. Everyone has a guy friend that has a crazy girlfriend....poor Chad is that guy for wayyyy too many people (and I imagine AWM is that guy for a few folks as well)

Can't help but admit she makes life a little more interesting, though.

Skurny said...

A number may have been gotten.

The girl's hair was a hot mess.

JOB pulled a near legendary Houdini.

AWM: That bitch was crazy (not yours, the other one)