Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oktober Baseball, Baby...

1) This just in, the ratings for the first round are up 18%

And I'll stop right there, because people who use TV ratings to validate their opinions are completely insufferable. I only bring it up now because the first round games started an hour earlier this year, and the ratings went up. I hope their is a connection, because its important to build a young fan base...and the recent trend of baseball games ending at 1am isn't helping that at all.

2) My World Series pick: D-Bags vs. Indians, and D-Bags win in 6. God I hate to say it, but isn't there just something about that Diamondbacks team that reminds you a lot of the '03 Marlins team? Think about stud ace pitcher (Brandon Webb, Josh Beckett in '03), one 20 year old on the brink of superstardom (Justin Upton, Miguel Cabrera in '03), an underrated 1B also on the brink of stardom (Conor Jackson, Derrek Lee in '03), great bullpen depth and not to mention, both teams' supposed best pitcher ended up getting hurt (Randy Johnson, and AJ Burnett in '03). Also, both of these teams are flying way under the radar. No one saw the Marlins coming (except me of course), and naturally, Vegas has the D-backs as the longest odds to win it all. Even after re-handicapping this week, the Backs are 4th out of 4.

3) Shut up. Just shut up about the NL/AL supposed disparity. You know who you all are. Yes, I'll concede that the level of play in the AL is better, but the difference is not as pronounced as you think. And there are reasons for this, the biggest reason being that there really are only 2 huge market teams in the NL- the Mets and Phillies. Those are the only two NL teams that can annually afford to go out and spend whatever they need (as well as the Giants to a much lesser extent). So with the higher amount of small markets in the NL, its no wonder you haven't heard of a lot of the NL players. But just because you haven't heard of these guys, that doesn't make them less talented. That just makes you a moron for not knowing who they are. So just shut up.

4) Did I mention the Yankees lost? But lets not get carried away here. Is it really a huge shock and a huge letdown when a 96 win division winner knocks off a wild card team in the first round, with two of the top five starting pitchers on their roster? Its not a shock to me. I really wished the Indians would've downplayed their on field celebration...because THAT would've sent a message to New York fans. Guess what, Curt Schilling was right- Aura and Mystique are names of hookers in Times Square.


J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

In re: #1
First round rating were up 18% but now both the Cubs and Yankees are out. Do you really think ratings will stay boosted to watch 2 N.L. teams with maybe one player the casual fan as hear of (Matt Holiday, Todd Helton or Brandon Webb, take your pick,) and 2 A.L. teams that aren't popular outside of the 5 mile radius encompassing their home city?

In re: #2
I think I'd be close to buying that for a World Series although it might be the most unwatchable thing on the planet. You and I would enjoy it, but I don't know if anyone else not named Joe Morgan would ...

In re: #3
The Cubs aren't a huge market team? The Dodgers aren't a huge market team? Are we labeling huge market by willingness to spend or ability to spend? If you're talking willingness, then I'd pretty much agree (although the Cubs haven't been so tight recently and L.A. has the 6th highest payroll in the league.) If you're talking ability to spend, both of the two teams mentioned have deep-pocketed ownership.

In re: #4
I couldn't agree with you more. Curt Schilling is another story. I don't think there has been an aura or mystique surrounding Yankee baseball for the past 6 years.

Brown Buddy said...

Yeah I forgot to include the Cubs in #3. And I was speaking more about teams that can and will spend frivolously. The Dodgers and Giants do somewhat (see: Zito, Barry. Drew, JD...though they did let him walk after he opted out last year). But in the NL, its pretty much the Cubs and Mets. In the AL, you're talking Yankees, Red Sox, Rangers, Tigers, Orioles, LAA, White Sox. And to a lesser extent, the Mariners (see: Beltre, Sexson) and Blue Jays (AJ Burnett, Frank Thomas).

My point being, the AL appears to be more "high profile" because the markets are larger, and there is more money (thus attracting higher profile talent...though notice I didn't necessarily say "better" talent).

Yes, the AL is better than the NL, but not by as much as you may think. And when the D-Backs win the World Series, that'll mean 4 NL World Series winners in the last 8 years!

Brown Buddy said...

oh, and the NL ratings will suffer in the second round, no doubt. But who cares? Think big picture...the '05 World Series was one of the lowest rated in history, but what was more important was the rejuvenation of two seemingly long-stagnated franchises (in Houston and the South Side). You'll see the same thing in Phoenix and Denver this year.