Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Just Sports -- by J.O.B.

1) First off: Monday Night Football - ha ha ha ha ha ha! Eff Buffalo. Other than being the location of Jim Carrey's last decent movie and the birthplace of Rick James as well as my favorite connoisseur food, there is nothing redeeming about the place. I'm an under-cover Cowboys fan and while I think Romo is disgustingly overrated in the search for the next big NFL QB, their defense is almost just as underrated. The Bills scored on 2 picks, a kick return and a field goal set up by another pick. I don't like Jerry Jones, but for me, that's about the only thing about the Cowboys I don't like.

2) Staying on the secret-fan theme: The Yankee era as we know it is most likely over. Another team that has a history of greatness that I quietly cheered for in big games, the Bronx Bombers bombed out in the first round for the third year in a row and Joe Torre is most likely gone. Which means every decent Yankee not currently signed for '08 is probably also gone. Could we be watching a shift of power? Will Toronto or Baltimore finally get it together and supplant the Yankees next year as the other AL East contender with Boston? Somehow I see more West and Central division competitors stepping it up first. As for the rest of the playoffs, is there any ratings scenario that has better possibilities than Colorado vs. Boston? BB can push Cleveland chasing their first title since real Indians actually lived in Ohio, but Big Papi and Man-Ram against the cinderella's from the Mile High? Far more entertaining.

3) With BB and Skurn's open love for hockey, I'm surprised I'm the first to comment about the new Reebok Edge uniform system. Of course, I'm a daily Uniwatch reader, so that might have something to do with it, but you guys have to have some kind of opinion. Sweaters are tighter now (can we just effing call them jersey's already?) and they are all pretty much variations on the same theme. Fortunately the Original Six kept their gear pretty traditional (save for that awkward looking rounded lower hemline on the Hawks jersey.) Unfortunately, the new wick-away moisture eschewing material is causing injuries and sweat pooling in gloves and pads. Crosby has already complained and because it's Crosby, Reebok is looking at the design for improvement. Kudo's to Columbus for having the best looking new look.

4) One of the most individual-driven team sports starts again for me tonight as the Bulls are opening their season in LaCrosse against the Bucks tonight. I'm not sure if anything short of a Finals appearance is a good season for this team. Luol Deng is supposed to be sporting a new, slick post game, Tyrus Thomas was incredible in summer league play, and Thabo should be even better in his second year of NBA ball. Not to mention Nocioni and Gordon are both back, Joe Smith should provide some veteran stability, Ben Wallace brings more than stat sheet numbers to the game and Joakim Noah is at least another big body. Oh yeah, and Kirk Hinrich spent his summer playing with some of the best in the world. I know, Boston has Garnett, Allen and Pierce - but that's all they have. Bulls-Suns in the Finals. You heard it here first.


Brown Buddy said...

You quietly cheered for the Yankees? Ugh...

As for the new hockey jerseys...I don't see what the big deal is, they pretty much look the same. Just a little tighter I guess. I agree on Columbus' unis, but the worst new ones is once again Tampa Bay. Here they had an opportunity to revamp the entire design, and they pretty much did the same thing. It still looks like a 12 year old designed their logo. Awful. What is it about recent expansion franchises that bring out the horrendous uniforms?? Thank god for the Minnesota Wild, a recent expansion team that has one of the best uniforms in all of sport (their alternate jersey last year is now their standard home jersey).

J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

I couldn't agree with you more about the Wild's jersey's. Jeez, where to start with the problems?

1) The "apron-string" look. Florida, Nashville, St. Louis, Colorado, Washington, Atlanta, Calgary and Edmonton's jerseys all have meaningless strands of third color that run from the neck to who knows where. The Blues apron strings continue to their shorts. Useless, gaudy and occasionally the piping wrecks the placement of the captain designation.

2) The diaper look. The new rounded hemline at the bottom of the jersey looks awkward in glaring white sitting on the butts of Blackhawks, Rangers and Canadians players. Each team has straight abdominal striping and then a giant flap of rounded hemline.

3) Half-way stripes. Check out the Oilers and Panthers sleeves. Why put stripes on a sleeve that don't go all the way around? At least on football jerseys they disappear into the armpit. The same can be said for the legwear of the Senators and Lightning.

4) Tighter jersey's have made the Wild and Red Wings make adjustments to their "C's", forced the Rangers insignia to look more awkward, and has ruined the cool look of Dallas star-based sweater.

5) Ree-box - check out the back of Colorado, Florida, St. Louis and Nashville's sweaters. Logo creep sucks and when a manufacturer alters the design of a jersey just to better display it's logo - it really sucks hard.

Pluses have been the aforementioned Wild sweater, as well as teams that put simple words or numbers on the front of their sweater now (Islanders, Tampa Bay, San Jose, Vancouver, and Dallas.) I love the simplicity of Vancouver and Dallas' uni's, as well as things like Boston's sleeve patch and the front shoe-lace neck ties that many sweaters are sporting.

I could have just linked Paul Lukas reports from Uniwatch, but I'll just give him credit and say I agree with nearly everything he's posted about the new designs. Plus, they are tearing easily at the seems and creating disadvantages during fights.

I don't think the Edge system is going away soon - but in the meantime, people should know how hard it sucks.

Brown Buddy said...

Yeah its definitely not going anywhere...too much money put into it. I just hope they correct some of the design flaws. The NHL isn't afraid to experiment, gotta give 'em credit for that