Tuesday, October 9, 2007


My apologies for the late post.

1. It was good seeing everybody at the BB's party the other weekend. It was a rare site to be seen; Jnicho and AWM holding hands, giggling and frolicking in the back lawn while nobody was looking. Ahh, it was heaven.

Good seeing you guys but damn, I haven't seen Skurny in years! No really, it's been 3 years. Good catching up with everybody even though it was cut short by a retarded bitch. I'll just stop with that.

We have to do it again soon.

2. Anybody else slightly disappointed by the beginning of season 2 on Heroes? I'm not a fan of Hiro meeting Kensei (or whatever his name is.) Also, Peter is too cool of a character to having him fucking around half way around the world. And more paintings from Isaac. -Spoiler- Why kill the bastard if you were still going to make him such a big part of the show!!!! *clinches fist is a bout of rage*

3. So, I was thinking of what I wanted to be for Halloween and it's down either Peter Patrelli and Cal Naughten Jr. Maybe I'll just as Ricky but then I'd feel obligated to bring the chick to be Carley. Don't know... The decisions that an unemployed man has to make. Sometimes, it's too much.

4. Now my roommate doesn't want to live in the city but somewhere like Oak Park. He works in the city and is sick of people flipping him off (he has anger issues also), hitting his car, parking tickets, etc. Guess I'm not the only one afraid of the city. How stupid would it be to move to the city considering I do have an '07. It will get completely fucked regardless of where I'm at, right? Damn it.


AngryWhiteMan said...

Also, my roommate can get pre-screenings to most all upcoming movies. Let me know in advance if there is something you really want to see and I'll try to get it.

Skurny said...

Your roommate is a single guy and WANTS TO LIVE IN OAK PARK? Is he for real?

Does he also want to get a puppy with you and "settle down"?

J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

Yeah - being a single guy and living in Oak Park is quite homofagical. You drive a Mazda3, a little need for bumper repaint when you trade it in 2018 is going to be the least of your issues.

Tell him to buck up - if you both are going to be working in the city, the chance of being angered by Chicago drivers while trying to get out of the city is going to be bigger than just jumping in a cab and going home at the end of your day.

Or maybe you guys can keep holding each others dick's while you pee.

AngryWhiteMan said...

The thought of living in the burbs lasted about two hours. Hey, I deserve a little more credit here. My office is in Downers Grove so it's going to be a bitch of a drive for me.

I'm sacrificing to live in the city!

Brown Buddy said...

Wait, isn't this the same guy that annoys you so much that you don't answer ANY calls from a 312 number for fear that it may be your roommate? And this guy is dictating where you're going to be living? Lame

And what "office in Downers Grove"? Did you get rehired by AIU??

Hahahhahaha Loser

AngryWhiteMan said...

lol You'll see, Brown Buddy, you'll see.

So let me guess, your salary got bumped up to...40k? Now that's worth laughing at.

Brown Buddy said...

Don't worry about what I make. Just know that I'm doing just fine. And if you need a new job, let me or Skurn know...we can probably get you a part time call center job pretty easily

Skurny said...

We're currently hiring for entry level associates (no degree required) at our distribution facility in Munster, Indiana. I might be able to get you in here...maaaybe