Tuesday, October 9, 2007

This guy's got goals

1. Congrats to the Indians on eliminating the Yanks and possibly ending an era. I'm terribly sad.

2. So I will be back posting regularly now that I'm back from South America and whatnot.
3. Lucky me, I have to go to Pittsburgh next week for a few days...maybe this time I'll buy the "Shadyside: Ten Thousand White People Can't Be Wrong" T-shirt. I love Yinzers...or maybe this one.
4. Did anyone see the Monday Night Football game last night? One of the strangest, most exciting, disappointing and unbelievable MNF games I've ever seen. Tattoo Dave (long-time Bills season ticket holder) is officially on Suicide Watch in the Buffalo area. I hate Jerry Jones and Michael Irvin. The shit eating grins at on their faces at the end of the game was sickening.


Brown Buddy said...

"end of an era"

what era would that be? the era of playoff disappointments and overrated players?

Brown Buddy said...

...and thanks for the Kosar is God tab. What, no Verlander or Bob Ass Man Griese?

Skurny said...

I love Bernie Kosar...is that a crime? IS IT?

I'm hoping they dissolve the Yankees completely

jnicho5 said...

That MNF game was like watching a bears game last season. The Cowboys did everything wrong and still found a way to win. And somewhere a J.O.B. wannabe was saying "There's nothing wrong with Romo. A win is a win".