Sunday, October 7, 2007

Eff. Ing. A. -- By J.O.B.

1) What's the deal with the slack factory here. Myself included, we've all been a little lax. I know Angry Gay Male is homeless jobless so he lacks the propensity for goals has a full schedule, and Skurn and Brown Buddy have joined employment forces to try and scam their company on some kind of sexual harrassment con, but where have you gone J DeNichio? Aren't you still doing charity work? WTF. Time to rededicate ourselves AWM and gentlemen.

2) I really tried cheering for the Cubs. I thought they had a realistic chance, but who goes 1-29 with runners in scoring position? It's the most guys I've seen go after bad pitches since I was enrolling students at AIU ... Rockies vs. D-Bags. Guess I'll cheer for the team that beat the Cubs to go all the way. In other playoff news - hope everybody caught the gnat game in Cleveland. Sorry BB, that was disgusting. The Indians should finish of the Yankees, but I just can't cheer for a team that has that going on. Call me fickle.

3) Staying with sports - what is up with college football this year? It's still not enough for me to believe that parity has struck the N-C-Two-A, but South Florida in the top 5? USC losing to Stanford? The Illini knocking off a top 5 team? Oklahoma, Texas, Michigan and Notre Dame all having somewhat subpar years? Even recent "new" contenders like Louisville and West Virginia have had unusual losses. I love it. Nothing will further demand the need for a playoff than a further muddying of the Bowl Championship Series.

4) I'm pretty sure I'm immune to Patron. I drank quite a bit of it Saturday night as and after the Cubs lost. I didn't even feel tipsy throughout the night and woke up completely unfazed for the second weekend with a mass Patron consumption night in a row. I have two choices: (1) go back to Captain and Diet, which worked pretty well, or (2) try downing even more Patron, which might be hard considering when I'm drinking it, it's pretty much in my hands all night.


Brown Buddy said...

Wait a sec...weren't you anti-ncaa playoff last year? I swear we had one of our trademark heated debates about it that ended with me going into meltdown mode and throwing my headset in my cubicle.

Also, the Cubs had every opportunity to take control of that series. Who would've thought any team would go 1 for 672 with runners in scoring position? Just doesn't happen.

and well played on the "bad pitches" line...I laughed out loud

J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

Nope - I'm very much for the playoff. Always have been. I even went to the trouble of structuring a system that allowed the bowl sponsorships to remain in place at one point in time. I hate the current system.