Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Word To Big Bird -- by J.O.B.

1) No one knows how to vanish from a party like me. No one. I pulled a Nightcrawler and "bamfed" at some point. Explanations are for homo's so I'm just not going to give a reason ...

2) In case you missed it, jnicho has a way with the ladies. He was a good boy and all for my duration at the shindig, wedding ring on and all ... but that didn't stop him from having a steady parade of also-rans seeking him out for conversation.

3) The Skurn never fails to disappoint with an appearance. If you're still in town, give me a buzz - good times are still being had! AWM proved everyone's point by finally coming to a party - with his roommate and (?) girlfriend. Good to see ya' anyway - "Go Cards," right?! Ha ha ha ... Are you guys sure that BrownBuddy got sex with a girl or did he just finger-bang his vagina-looking knee wound?

4) If anyone is interested, Brody's is doing a $15 all you can eat BBQ from 5-9 on Cubs game days for the playoffs. Let me know if you plan on going because I should have some additional hookups.

5) Couldn't leave without discussing the Cubs/D-backs series. First of all, D-backs sounds awfully close to D-bags, which is the nickname we used to use for "douchebags." I also agree that the format that pits these two teams together is assanine. This series is going to come down to lefty pitching. Can the Cubs hit lefty Doug Davis and can lefty Rich Hill hold his own in game 3? The Douchebags are very good at somehow winning while being outscored, which basically means they don't muster a lot of offense. If the Cubs can get on the board early with a big number (4 or more in the first 3 innings) they should have a solid shot. If their hitting is down, expect some 3-2 and 2-1 wins for the D-bags.

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Brown Buddy said...

Unfortunately, JOB nails it...3-1 Douchebags