Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Brokeback Jackson -- by J.O.B.

1) Has anyone seen the TV show American Gangster on BET? I can guarantee AWM hasn't because there's just too many Black people on BET, but jnicho is some kind of racial concoction that contains non-whiteness, Skurny is progressive enough that he can probably recite their Wednesday line-up, and BB might actually be at last partially Black. It's really solid, going into the history of famous Black gangsters in the U.S. Tonight was about Jeff Fort and the Black Stone Rangers/El Rukn's. Really, really entertaining story about his rise, running the gang from prison and how the neighborhood has developed.

2) Staying on the Black theme, we all know by now that Kanye West's mother passed due to surgery complications. The surgeon was Black and it elicited a thought from me: other than people that seek out the services of a similar race due to language barriers, Black people always seem the most intent on going to other Black people for services when they can. I think this played a part in Ms. West's passing. It's one thing to buy your groceries from a local store owned by people of your own race, but do you really want to have race be the deciding factor on who you choose for potentially lethal cosmetic surgery? I'd let a blind, Icelandic pygmie operate on me if he had a successful track record that could be proven.

3) Phil Jackson is taking some heat for referring to a game in which his team's defense was very susceptible to being penetrated as a "Brokeback Mountain game. He's had to apologize, but I don't understand for what. If he would have called it a Basic Instinct Game, or a Fatal Attraction game because of the forbidden penetration, would he have taken heat for it? If he called it a Debbie Does Dallas Game, does he get fined, or high-fived?

4) I am a proud owner of the Big Ben Wallace shoes from Steve & Barry's. I really like them and for $15 if I decide I don't like them next month, I'll throw them out and get something else. My lunch yesterday cost more than my shoes. I went with all black for the Big Ben' just because the other colors all had red, which doesn't work with my wardrobe.


Brown Buddy said...

I thought Kanye's mother's docter was white...? Not that it matters...but the question you pose is a valid one. One that we can't really answer.

I agree on the Phil Jacko thing. Totally lame. And his videotaped apology seemed to lack sincerity...and I'm right there with him. Apologize for what? Brokeback Mountain featured anal uncomfortable as that sounds...and as much as it turned AWM DID happen...sorry!

jnicho5 said...

I saw American Gangster last season. Crazy. But really awesome. Haven't caught either episode from this season yet.

Haven't seen the movie yet.