Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"Feel Free to Add Your Own" Goals

Some of my all time favorite AWM quotes:

Some for their irony, others for their complete idiocy. (In no particular order)

This isn't even the tip of the iceberg. I left a lot of room for additional entries. Enjoy.

1) It’s all I do!!! I raid big dragon bosses and I slay them with my sword.

2) I don't like bad beer. That's why I drink Bud Lite.

3) I’m so freakin white that I didn’t know this shit existed!

4) Valentines Day is for whores. I mean it.

5) So, I played some 'mocraft last night... What a waste of life. Or is it?

6) I am requesting that when Skurny uses some random dude to make a point that he links the Wikipedia entry to it.

7) Is it just me or are black people too defensive?

8) I really have nothing to write about...My soul is sucked dry

9) I can't make DECISIONS!!!

10) Personally select 150 athletic white people to go into seclusion for 100 years and dictate who breeds with who so I can create a genetically superior race of white people.

11) You know how I know I'm gay?

12) I just wrote the longest set of goals since I've started this group. And it didn't post and now it's lost. So I'm not going to post for a couple days on this stupid site. fuck it.

13) I tore a sheet of paper into 50 small pieces. On each piece I wrote down random proffesions. I'm now closing my eyes. Here we go........ Ah shit, a janitor.

14) Go back in time two weeks and taser that racist, cocky, fat headed prick Barry Bonds. Abduct him and beat him senseless in the basement of an old abondened country farmhouse and stick a corn cob up his ass. Watch him cry like the little bitch while he is forced to watch re-runs of M.A.S.H. for weeks on end. I guess he wouldn't break the homerun record afterall. hahaha. Oh and you ask what the clippers are for? About every month or so I could shave off a lock of his pubes and sell them on ebay for an outlandish figure. Think I could get thousands?

15) I have 5 Big Game tickets with my name written all over them. I'll remember yalls bitches when I'm chugging margaritas on the beaches of Vegas!