Monday, November 12, 2007

Light The Fuse ... -- by J.O.B.

1) ... the Sex Cannon is back! "Gooder-Than-Average" Rex turned in a beauty of a bomb as the highlight of the cumslinger's return to the field. While I'm not going to wave the bandwagon past me just yet, I'm not eagerly jumping on right away either. Let's see him have a throwgasm all over the Seahawks next week, and then we'll talk.

2) College basketball is back! I am completely ready for a heaping helping of Dick ...

Vitale you dirty whores! For the record, UCLA is wearing the gold C to mark the 100 championships the university has won, Nike's "System of Dress" (aka "Frocks for Jocks" - per Paul Lukas) has overrun Ohio St., Texas, Florida, Syracuse, Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and there is an entire website devoted to anger at the change of the typography of Kansas new font. O.J. Mayo, Eric Gordon, and Derrick Rose ... in the words of T.O. - get your popcorn ready.

3) Another Monday, another "I'd let Heroes do me in the butt if it were a dude" post. Seriously though, if you're not watching this show yet, just go buy season one, watch it and then catch up on season two online. The web being weaved seems so perfectly set up that only a Writer's Guild strike could ruin it. Oh shit ...

4) The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is traditionally the biggest party night of the year. Anyone going to be in town and have plans? I'm currently hatching ideas and would be down to collaberate.

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