Wednesday, November 7, 2007


1) We need more stories like this in the world. I say why remove them? That girl looked completely happy to me.
2) Has anybody been following UFC season 5? Sera's team currently has placed 6 of its 7 guys into the quarter finals. Ridiculous.
3) Saw the season finale of the contender last night. Dude (that dude being codrington) got beat up and ko'd. But if I would've saw this earlier I would've guessed it myself. At the time it was Codrington's only loss, and happen to be Ring Magazine's KO of the year. Enjoy.
4) This should be a really good fight. Margarito on the undercard. Margarito may fight Mosley or Cotto next, depending on if Cotto wins and gives Paul Williams a shot.

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