Thursday, November 8, 2007

Quite Bored This Evening...

1) SO what did I do? Went back and read some old school goals group emails! I think my favorite parts are when Nicho calls AWM "Dummy" or anytime anyone says to AWM, "pipe down and let the grown ups talk". I still do that, actually. I did that last week, I think.

2) Skurny stopped by the office today on his way to the airport. He'll be in Europe for the next two weeks. He doesn't want the others to know he's in Amsterdam, so if anyone asks, he's, England.

3) I realized I'd gone an entire week without writing anything about K2's performance last Sunday against the Seahawks. One of those moments where you knew you were watching something special (or something gay like that). I was about to prepare a "10 reasons why the Browns will beat the Steelers" post, but I figured it might make J.O.B.'s head explode as he invoked his inner Skip I left it in the draft bin. Oh, and also they won't beat the Steelers on Sunday. Thats the other reason. (But in all fairness, who can beat them right now? New England...and thats probably it).

4) Thought I'd close it out today by giving some bold, unsubstantiated Hot Stove predictions.

-A-Rod will be back in pinstripes next season. But who's pinstripes?? The Yankees, actually. He just fits their lineup and budget. LA will trade for Joe Crede

-Miguel Cabrera stays put...for now. The Marlins have a shrewd GM, and he won't take anything less than what he got for Josh Beckett (Anibal Sanchez, Hanley Ramirez)

-The Cubs won't do much of anything. Anytime ownership changes hands, the payroll has to stay about the same. Sucks...but in that division, do they really need to blow things up?

-Tommy Glavine will finish out his career the way it started. Pitching poorly for the Atlanta Braves. (however, as a Braves fan...this scenario is far better than Jo-Jo Reyes getting 25 starts)

-After listening to the radio this morning, I get the impression Torii Hunter will sign with the White Sox. Makes a lot of sense fiscally. And Kenny Williams loves overrated 32 year olds (see: Pierzynski, AJ. Dye, Jermaine)

-I'm going out on a limb and saying Johan Santana stays in Minnesota this year, and possibly beyond. They are opening a new ballpark in '09, and they need a marquee name to anchor that rotation. Something tells me they open up the vault. Who better to open it for?

-Carlos Silva, meanwhile, will get 10 million a year from someone. And I'll probably light myself on fire.

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J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

If you had any idea how hard I try to avoid commenting on your posts, you'd be wildly surprised at how often I do. First of all, for a guy who claims that I regurgitate the days ESPN talk, you quote and name more ESPN personalities than Rich Eisen trying to get ass at an ESPY Award Show after party. The thought of Skip Bayless speaking makes my ears hurt.

Contrary to popular belief, I don't hate the Browns. In fact I think they've done a nice job in beating the still winless Dolphins and Rams, the free-falling Bengals, and a pair of teams that have played only one quality team, lost to them and still only sport a 4-4 record (the Ravens and Seahawks.) I'm never one to discredit a team for doing what they're supposed to be and they can only play the schedule they have. Personally, I think they should be 6-2 because there's no way a loss to Oakland is acceptable, but whatever. Saving a slip up against Buffalo, a 10-6 or 9-7 season is possible. Oh, and despite Winslow snapping up an (expected for your #1 WR) 11-125, tell me about his special performance when all that work actually puts a number in his TD category, thankyouverymuch.

Lastly, save your garbage about Kenny Williams liking overrated guys in their 30's - without those two overrated guys you named the Sox don't manage to match the Braves for WS victories (since the move to Atlanta, of course.) One of those guys was a regular season MVP candidate as well as the MVP of the World Series. I'll welcome your suggestions for solving the Sox CF problems anytime. At least it's not Johnny Damon.