Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bulls To Zombies: It's Full Circle -- by J.O.B.

1) The Bulls are trying to be the poster children for the term Catch-22. It's one thing to play poorly enough that John Paxson decides to make the move for Kobe, but it's another to play so horribly that the Lakers no longer want any of your, cough, cough, talent, and Kobe doesn't want to play with whatever might be left. Is the problem the lack of an inside scorer? I contest that it's the lack of someone to take over when the shot clock is under 10. That's where the money is made in the league. Ben Gordon should be that guy but he's too undersized and he combines that with poor dribbling ability, poorer decision making and somehow even poorer defense.

2) Aubrey Huff became my favorite player in baseball this week. Was it because I read some special unearthed baseball equation in a baseball guide? No. Was it because he donated to my favorite charity? No. Was it because Skip Bayless said I should like him? Hell. Effing. No. Huff became a favorite of mine simply because of a radio appearance. But not just any appearance. Aubrey happens to be old friends with a guy who works on Bubba The Love Sponge's radio show on Sirius, and he was there this past Thursday in complete regular guy mode. Downing Red Bull-vodka's in-studio, discussing his method for how he used to pick up women, and sticking around for a segment with some internet porn star that somehow got wild enough that even Huff removed his shirt (although no one really knows why.) Who are the two players that Huff has promised to return to studio with? Casey Kotchman of the Angles and (of course) Boof Bonser of the Twins.

3) Have I ever mentioned how I hate Ohio St.? I'm sorry BB, I know you're a former Ohioan, and it seems like I'm anti-all things that are Buckeye State based, but that's pretty much how it is. I root for Michigan football due to a Harbaugh inspired love that began in the 80's, and I root for Illinois in everything (including games against UofM, btw) due to being born here and my Mom's alumni status (she graduated, not just attended.) I couldn't be more pleased about the Illini going into Ohio and possibly snatching a National Title out of the Buckeyes hands. Well, I guess I could have been more pleased if they would ditch the Nikeworld uni's for something more traditional, but I'll take the victory regardless. The only thing that could top this is Michigan putting it on OSU next weekend.

4) In a non-sports related goal, I've put together a list of all the movies being released between now and February that I'd like to see. Why only February? I haven't had time to get further into the future, but I will. Some of the highlights? Hanks and Julia Roberts in Charlie Wilson's War (Christmas) looks like a winner and the next day Daniel Day-Lewis will probably give another Bill-The-Butcher-like performance in There Will Be Blood. J.J. Abrams odd monster/sci-fi/horror pic, Cloverfield comes out on the 18th of January, and I Am Legend appears to follow the formula of Castaway with the idea of saving money by dropping $20 mil on a star and then letting them pretty much be the only person on camera the whole time. I know, some crazy zombies or whatever will attack Will, but zombies aren't people, at least anymore.

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Brown Buddy said...

Having lived in Ohio actually makes me hate Ohio State and their fans just as much as Michigan fans.

At the bar last night (Kincaids, the new Hokie bar!), everyone was singing Hail to the Victors after the game. 3 Buckeye fans sat there pissed off, then started rooting for Florida State against Tech. It was finally brought to their attention, "HELLO! You're in fucking Illinois!!"

Typical Buckeye fans. They just don't get it.