Monday, November 12, 2007

Plenty of Room on the Bandwagon!

I'd like to point out something that may come as a shock to some of you:

Take a look at the following percentages:


Those, my friends, are the current winning percentages of Chicago sports teams this year. And who is on top right now? Thats right, none other than Chicago's Blackhawks! (followed by the Cubs, Bears, White Sox, and lowly Bulls)

Hope everyone caught the game last night...the Hawks beat the Red Wings for the third time already this season (the Wings are 12-3...all 3 of their losses are to the Hawks).

Needless to say, this is an exciting team. And while I'm realistic enough to know that its likely they won't stay atop this "leaderboard", they are creeping back onto the Chicago sports map. Slowly but surely.

They still have a ways to go, however.

A perfect example of this was Friday night. Me and my roommate went to the Hawks game (a win over the Blues), then I went up to Wrigleyville to meet a friend from out of town. They were at Moe's Cantina, an inexplicably pretentious pseudo-posh hangout in the heart of Wrigleyville on Clark St. The bouncer, with his spikey hair and undeserved sense of accomplishment, told me I had to remove my #7 Chris Chelios jersey before entering. I refused (of course), and made my friends leave the place.

What sucks about this is that after Bears games, people are allowed in with Bears jerseys, and of course after Cubs games, thats all anyone is wearing. So why the discrimination against Blackhawk jerseys? Obviously we know the answer to this...but it just sucks. But its changing, dammit!


J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

While the Blackhawks have barely played enough games this year to make their spot on the leaderboard legit, I also hope they have a return to prominence. I followed/defended hockey a lot more intently when they were good in the past and would really enjoy having a personal investment in the sport again.

As far as Moe's, my only experience there resulted in my bank informing me of an odd set of charges the day after a visit there. Upon inspection of my statement I found that I was mischarged on one tab and then mysteriously charged on a separate tab for almost $150. When I contacted the Barleycorn offices (Moe's owners,) I was told by the ditzy employee that "for some reason we get one or two calls like this every Monday and by Tuesday the charges somehow end up correct." I asked if she thought that maybe a bartender was overcharging customers cards, tipping themselves out in cash, and then correcting the charge, and she couldn't understand why. I'm over Moe's.

Brown Buddy said...

Yeah, I would think the same thing about the Hawks...but thing is, I've seen 3 games of theirs, and I can tell that, so far at least, they are a completely different team than last year. They are winning races to the puck, and finishing their checks. Most of all, what I like best about their game is that when they get in trouble on the defensive end, instead of just blindly clearing the puck, they are breaking out cleanly and getting scoring chances in return. It makes for some damn exciting hockey, I might add.

If they do'll probably be because of their youth, and lack of size (the 82 game season is a grind, a smallish team will fade easily. Happens to Les Habitants every year)

And yes...Moe's blows. I left a shitty review on, and already got a "compliment" (yelp talk for someone agreeing with my assessment). Reading the other reviews there, it appears we aren't the only ones that think that place sucks.

J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

Now if the Hawks can just fix their Reebok Edge jerseys to change that unsightly "apron" look.