Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Reasons Why I would go to Brown Buddy's Party Goals

The following are things that would get me to go to BB Bday party this weekend from lowest (meaning I may or may not go) to highest (meaning I would be there rather than my own funeral).

10) That kid Ismael shows up and I can watch him mack on some chicks.
9) Monica shows up and gets so blasted...(see number 6)
8) BB gets laid again right there smack in the middle of his own party, only this time at McFadden's.
7) AWM's girlfriend shows up so people can talk petty shit behind her back.
6) AWM won't be there.
5) $20 Get's me all the Guiness I can drink.
4) J.O.B. would be there and not have anywhere to go afterwards.
3) Skurny is there.
2) You switched the party's location to the Maproom
1) That crazy skinny bitch shows up and starts throwing haymakers.


Brown Buddy said...

I actually laughed out loud at each one of these. Well played, sir

And the crazy, skinny bitch will hopefully not be there. She sucks. I've disowned her. Unfortunately, Chad still dates her.

We've come up with at least a reasonable explanation for her shenanigans, however. I believe there is a gnome named Mr. Weebles living in her hair, and he persuades her to do irrational things. Makes sense, doesn't it?

J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

Currently the odds are that I will show up for the event, but knowing me, I won't stay till the

jnicho5 said...

Chad's girl shows up and starts a fight I'm there. Guar ron teed.