Thursday, December 27, 2007

goals for your mother

1. Had a nice time in Michigan for Christmas and rounded out my Seinfeld DVD collection nicely...other than that, it was cold, snowy and full of drunk friends. And it took me 14 hours to get from Grand Rapids to Harrisburg. GR to Detroit to Philly to H-Burg, thanks Northwest.

2. Man...anyone watch the Motor City Bowl last night? The Chips nearly pulled out a near miracle win against Perdue (yes I know that's not the spelling of the university, but rather the chicken company).

3. New Year's looks to be located in Philadelphia as my plans for New York were foiled by the Man. I have to work New Year's Eve until at least 2pm or so, and with traffic there's no way I'm attempting that.

4. Skurny heads west in January...stay tuned.

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