Sunday, December 30, 2007

Jim Sorgi Fan Club

1) I'd just like to go ahead and thank the Indianapolis Colts for barely trying tonight. Midway through the first quarter, and their prevent defense is showing no signs of stopping Vince Young and his negative QB rating. Oh, and Reggie Wayne just fumbled. It also doesn't help that Al Michaels keeps twisting the knife in the side of Browns fans everywhere. There's only so many "that groan you just heard is coming from the shores of Lake Erie" jokes I can take before I put my fist through the TV.

2) In spite of everything, I'm not so quick to become spoiled. The day I complain about a 10-6 season is the day I need to walk away from fandom forever. It was an unforgettable season that reignited my interest in the NFL...if only for one season. The Derek Anderson jersey I got for Christmas will be a permanent keepsake from this year (since this is probably the only year he'll start for Cleveland).

3) It just dawned upon me that the Colts may very well go to their #3 quarterback...none other than the immortal Josh Betts. Yes, the same Josh Betts that backed up Ben Roethlisberger at Miami. The same Josh Betts that was routinely kicked out of the bar I worked at. I'm haunted by the prospect of Josh Betts controlling the Browns destiny...this could have kept me up every night this week.

4) Anyone else excited for Celebrity Apprentice? No...? Anyone? Well I'm mildly intrigued...since I was one of four people to watch every episode last season (when some woman who was barely featured in any of the episodes, and whom the audience knew almost nothing about ended up winning).

5) Vince Young just limped off the can hear the collective groan in Nashville.

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