Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Oh Yeah -- by J.O.B.

1) If you were expecting me to send out multiple Rex bandwagon invites, you're sorely mistaken. The bandwagon is here and waiting. His footwork sucked, but so did Ron Turner's playcalling, the offensive line and their running game. I was happy he learned to properly use the running back as a safety valve.

2) Due to a spat with Mrs. J.O.B., this is the first time in almost a week I've been on a computer that has blogger access. Excuse my absence please.

3) I have much to say about my recent hang-out evening with BB. Namely that I learned their might actually be a personality underneath that walking, talking prospectus who's last name I still refuse to pronounce correctly. It was a good time and I think I actually offered up advice that might either save him from getting killed, or result in me getting to fight.

4) Just took a look at my before pictures again. Holy shit I was a porker. I actually shrunk them to a size that I find acceptable to send. They're work safe if anyone cares to see before and after shots.


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Brown Buddy said...

I'm pretty sure that guy called AWM dumb

skurny said...

and a gringo

jnicho5 said...

And he paid AWM 20 centavos for a blowjob.

J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

All I know is he writes what I think. I don't even know what language that is.