Wednesday, December 5, 2007


In lieu of recent events (both the writers strike, and AWM's unemployment and subsequent "startup company"). Skurny and I came to the conclusion that a new influx of reality shows would eliminate the need to hire writing talent currently striking. And think about it, what would be a better reality show than one about AWM starting up his own Real Estate Company? After thinking about it, we decided the show would be titled either "Meltdown" (in keeping with the Bravo reality-theme, e.g. "Blowout" and "Flipping Out"), or "Career Suicide" (if it were to be broadcast on F/X).

But have you ever read the episode descriptions for some of these shows on DirecTV? They are hilarious. And AWM's reality show would be no different. Consider the possibilities...

Episode 1: "AWM disputes a finance charge on his Chase Visa; Vicki discovers that no, cats cannot talk"

Episode 2: "AWM discovers he went to high school with the Starbucks barista, gets a free upgrade to a venti"

Episode 3: "AWM throws his XBox controller in frustration; Vicki auditions for featured extra role in Weekend At Bernies 4"

Episode 4: "AWM discovers he is gaining weight in his chin; throws XBox controller in frustration"

Episode 5: "AWM orders italian beef/sausage combo, bristles at idea of being called fat; lashes out angrily"

Episode 6: "AWM wants to know if you're going to eat the rest of that"

Episode 7: "AWM tanks job interview, blames former roommate"

Episode 8: "In twist of sheer irony, AWM begs former coworker for ride; Vicki can't find where the D is located on keyboard"


jnicho5 said...

I'll be laughing for days.

Let's not forget:

Pilot: "Client explains to AWM what they're looking for. AWM says he wasn't paying attention."

J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

And the cliffhanger, hour-long season finale: "AWM agonizes over a decision to travel into the city on his own while Vicki discovers that the people on TV don't actually reside in her TV."

Brown Buddy said...

episode 10: "AWM wants to know if he can 'borrow some change, mister'; Vicki likes horsies