Saturday, December 8, 2007

Saturday Goals

Since I'm stuck at the office on a Saturday I thought I'd post some goals....

1. Grand Rapids' own Mayweather/Hatton tonight: Should be a classic. I'll be watching the fight with my friend "The artist formerly known as Law School Tim" down in Baltimore. I like MY BOY Floyd in 9th Round KO. Yes, I am a homer. But I've picked him for every fight, and he hasn't lost yet!

2. Quick college basketball prediction: Duke beats Michigan by at least 40 today in Cameron. The true freshman backcourt (Manny Harris and Kelvin Grady) is going to get eaten alive today.

3. So I think my next Project is going to be allllll the way out in Seattle. Looks to be a mid-January arrival and I can't wait!

4. After the finale reunion special capsule: "Phil's real estate business begins to take off as he finds out his first property is located at 3500 Halsted. Phil arrives, vomits and vows never to return to Chicago; Vicki wonders what a 'reach around' is."

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