Tuesday, January 22, 2008

2 for 1 Movie Night

Cloverfield - Watch it. I went onto IMDB after seeing this and was suprised to see that so many people hated it. I'm here to say fuck all those people. This is truly what a theatrical experience should be about. Action, love story, comedy, surprisingly decent acting, just enough cgi but not too much, kept you on the edge of your seat... the list goes on. I left the theater with a huge smile on my face. It was very refreshing. Before seeing this, all I was hoping for was that it wasn't just good marketing to get our butts into the seats much like Day After Tomorrow just to be let down. I'll leave it at this... If you liked Transformers, you'll love this film.

The Orphanage - Don't know. I went into this thinking that anything done by Guillermo del Toro would be great. From what I saw, it was very interesting. It started a little slow but couldn't really get into it because the fucking Mexicans behind us brought their fucking kids (3 children ranging from 3 - 6). Running around, playing, talking, yelling... and the fucking dad was just talking back to them like there was no one else in the theater. It took all I had to not smash the dad's fucking head in because, remember, this was 2 for 1 night and this was the freebie. Think about how that would look. 28 year old white male arrested for assault and sneaking into a movie theater. What kind of trash brings there small children to a rated R movie? And this shit was pretty freaky.

45 minutes went by and nobody said anything and I couldn't take it anymore so I went up to the guy and thanked him for "fucking up the movie for everyone in theater" among other nice things. Yeah, that was a little harsh considering his small children were sitting on his lap while the other one was running around yelling. He just looked at me with this idiotic look on his face like he didn't realize what he did. The theater was basically full and everyone was staring at me. Even then, nobody said anything although they were muttering shit under their breathe the whole movie. At this point I was so pissed that we left.

God, I hope that dude got in a wreck on the way home and died. Of course, the children should live. It's not their fault that their father is a douche bag. Anyways, the movie was really cool and we might catch it on special later on in the week. Illegal immigrants should be shot on site by American citizens. I don't know if he was illegal but he wasn't white so I can only assume.

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