Sunday, January 20, 2008


1) I saw The Outsiders for the first time. Tom Cruise does a light jog, but definately did not run. I guess if you wanted to force the "rule" you could make an argument he's running, but he really isn't.

2) Saw Knocked Up. I can see how this movie lost some people. It was adult issues directed at a ver young audience, and a lot of that audience either missed it or didn't appreciate it. The more I see Catherine Heigl, the more I think she looks like a hunk of swiss cheese.

3) Also saw Cloak & Dagger and realized how fast paced movies from the 80's started. Check it out if you haven't seen it in awhile.

4) Funniest trailer ever.


Brown Buddy said...

Agreed...hilarious trailer...I saw it on tv the other day, the extended shark laughing version, and just about pissed myself. God that was funny

Brown Buddy said...

Wait, a hunk of swiss cheese? Thats a good thing though, right? I'm pretty sure right now AWM is sitting in his underwear, biting into a hunk of delicious swiss cheese, and watching Mind of Mencia. Your swiss cheese analogy is falling deaf ears right now in Oakbrook Terrace.