Friday, February 22, 2008

February! The most boring month (unless you like the NHL and NBA)

1) The best part of the blockbuster trade from yesterday? The city of Chicago now has its solution for the homeless epidemic on the south side. You see, now that Larry Hughes is a Bull, there will be plenty of bricks to build a dozen new homeless shelters in the area. HEY-YO!! ZING! Ok in all seriousness, I'm trying to get JOB excited for The Larry Hughes Era, and I was having a tough time. But JOB will be quick to point out he was an all-star in DC, and he's essentially the same player now...just with an awful contract. And I've always liked his defense...the folks at will back me up with the hard numbers.

2) Since half the roster was traded yesterday, the Cavs are rocking an NBDL lineup tonight against the Wiz. They hung on to win by a point, with The Bron hitting the decisive free throws with 7 seconds left. LeBron, off of two straight triple-doubles, clinches the MVP with this win, in my opinion. I mean seriously, I love what Chris Paul is doing as much as anyone, but how do you deny LeBron his first MVP after the season he's had with the roster up until this point? Even Skip Bayless was showing some love this morning on Cold Pizz...err, "First Take"

3) I'm not really excited for Semi-Pro. Am I in the minority on this one? I love Will Ferrell as much as the next frat boy, but I'm ready for him to go in another direction. Yes, Stranger Than Fiction was another direction (as well as filmed in my old building), but he needs to take a chance comedically. Think Bill Murray in Rushmore. The sad pathetic bastard role suited him perfectly, and opened the door for Lost in Translation, which got him an Oscar nod. Ferrell has that kind of transition in him, and I'd love to see him go for it. (keep in mind, I'm not talking about a jump to a dramatic role, like Truman Show with Jim Carrey, as Rushmore was a comedy for Bill Murray, I'd love to see Ferrell do something more subtle like that)

4) the Blackhawks are still within shouting distance of the playoffs in the crowded west. GM Dale Tallon isn't exactly in buying mode, and it'd be nice to unload Martin LaPointe for some prospects or draft picks. Patrick Kane is putting the finishing touches on the Calder Trophy (thats the rookie of the year), and other youngsters Cam Barker, Dave Bolland and Jack Skille are showing tons of promise. The future is bright on the west side, kids. Next year

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