Saturday, February 23, 2008

Slacker Love -- by J.O.B.

1) Why not start by responding directly to BB's post since we're on here within hours of each other?
  • As I told BB through the magic of text messages, Larry Hughes actually hasn't been throwing up bricks. He had a PER of 21 in the contract/All-Star season in D.C. and hasn't soared over 14 since. You'd think "bricks" is the problem, but he's been shooting the same from the field and better from behind the arc. The issue? In D.C., Hughes was the slasher - the guy who attacked the basket and therefore he went to the stripe more. In Cleveland, that job is and should be 'Bron-'Bron's. Chicago has no slasher so here's to the hope that he doesn't become Ron Mercer.
  • Beating the Wizards doesn't earn you an MVP award. Ever. True, 'Bron has been maxing lately and could very well win it, but it isn't over yet kids. This is the time of year when the MVP usually steps out of the morass.
  • The problem with Ferrell is the same problem too many actors never realize - he isn't a bonafide leading man, but he keeps playing leading man roles. Just because it's comedy doesn't mean he is supposed to be the main character every time. Steve Carrell is running into the same issue (and trying to save himself with The Office) and Jim Carrey is living it right now. Actors make it big as the lead role in one movie and then refuse to take a solid supporting role ever again. What's worse is that Ferrell's comedic characters are all a version of the same guy.
  • Blackhawks: fun to watch; confusing to root for.

2) Considering the employment status of our team right now, I wonder if one of us is going to extend an honorary spot on the GoalsGroup to Kelvin Sampson.

3) The official website for the talent management/production company I started should be up next week. I have investor meetings this week as well and if they go well, J.O.B. may be due for a name change (if anyone knows a good acronym for "self-employed," I'm all ears.

4) I'd like to dedicate this goal to the victims of the NIU shooting. Sadly enough, your pain is going to be turned into a renewed attempt to enact more gun laws that will have no bearing on things like this that happened. In fact, they will most likely open the doors for more events like this. Anybody that wants to debate it - you know I'm ready to defend my point.

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jnicho5 said...

So did you just do a reverse and turn that into a pro-gun law thing? Awesome. Felt that right from the heart. :)