Monday, February 25, 2008

Looks like someone other than us reads this crap!

Remember my Super Bowl post? I went to a party in London, and, after rereading the original post, I realize that my comments about the London cheerleaders (or whatever they are) may have come off as a bit harsh. Apparently, "Emma" agrees...she found the post, and sent me a nice email. Here it is... (PS, how the hell did she know my email address?? Is it published? Update: yup!)

Hi there

I coach the squad that you ran down in your NFL blog post and I just wanted to get in touch to correct a few inaccuracies. It's up to you if you do anything about them.

1. There were more than one cheerleading squads in the bar that night and, if you were late, it's more than likely that you missed us.

2. We did do minor stunts but what with it being dark and, well a bar, we figured not so safe (yeah, that's a priority I'm afraid).

3. We were fundraising for a competition not a tour (though you may have been talking about the other squad present?)

So, I'd appreciate you removing the link to our site - though to be honest I think all it does is contradict your post!

You know, I get the whole 'angry man' thing that you've got going on but maybe lighten up a bit eh? It was just a party after all.

Head Coach
London Rockets Cheerleaders

Ok in all seriousness, I'm not sure I wrote anything that would give off an "angry man" vibe. I mean, we have Angry White Man for that, right? And as for the lack of stunting, yes, I suppose a dark bar with a low ceiling is not the best place for stunts. As for me calling them unattractive...well, sorry if that comes off as mean. I really am. But I'm entitled to an opinion on that subject...its part of being a guy (though to be fair, she wasn't calling me out on that).

As for the fundraising...there was ONE squad there that night, I don't remember any other squad being there. And they WERE walking around asking for money. Whether it was for a competition, or a tour is irrelevant. It was a strange sight to behold, and though I did donate two quid, I felt ridiculous doing it. SO there you have it. I apologize for offending anyone, but I stand by everything I wrote. So, I guess this isn't much of an apology after all...

Update: it probably doesn't help things that my original super bowl post is filed under "eurotrash"


AngryWhiteMan said...


Brown Buddy said...

See? now HE'S the angry did I get that label?

AngryWhiteMan said...

I just call it like I see it. You probably could've gotten a bj for 2 quid. Way to sell yourself short BB.

Brown Buddy said...

if you got an eyeful of these broads, you would see how that would've been a ripoff

Brown Buddy said...

oh, plus it was in I need to point out the teeth stigma?

Skurny said...

The Big Book of British Teeth

jnicho5 said...

What's up with you and cheerleaders?