Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Plants and the Animals Eat Each Other

1. I finally did the Red Hook brewery tour a few weekend back...great fun, $1 for basically three beers and a killer bar downstairs with all types of delicious, rare brews. Speaking of brewery tours, BB messaged me (drunk) after touring St. James's Gate in Dublin...Guinness for strength! What I'm drinking tonight: Redhook Copper Hook.

2. Going to Oregon this weekend, never been there before and I'm stoked. Going to see the Rogue Brewery and hopefully the Full Sail as well. Other than that, I'll be hanging in Corvalis and Eugene with some Pac-10 beauties.

3. You guys see this? The best is that big trail of blood left on the ice. Popular or not (and maybe that should be Bettman's blood on the ice), but Hockey players are still the toughest sons of bitches in sports.

4. So Blackberry lost service today. I have a Blackberry. Now, don't get me wrong, I like my Blackberry...a lot even. But c'mon, people...get a fucking grip. People were freaking out. Two co-workers specifically walked into my office today (while I was at my laptop) just to tell me. Then I got a phone call from a frantic co-worker in an airport asking me what was going on. The corporate dream is for douche bags. That's why they call me the Business Hippie. Fuck it.

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Brown Buddy said...

Zednik has cmoe a long way since being the wuss that curled up in a ball against the bruins in the '02 playoffs. God i hated him for missing the carolina series.

holy shit i think this shit just kicked in