Monday, February 11, 2008

Random Task -- by J.O.B.

1) First post since my horribly wrong Super Bowl prediction. How couldn't I, though? It would have been a boutique pick to take the Giants, but if they lose - I look like a total idiot, and if they win, I look like I got lucky. I took the Pats because there were zero signs that anyone could see that could honestly get me to believe the Giants would win. Even the pundits that went with the Giants didn't have any real reason. Fuck it, even Einstein was wrong sometimes. Blow me.

2) I really don't wanted to be addicted to The Band on MTV, but I just can't help it. Watching the one cocky white chick in the girls group and the five indiscriminate brothers in the guys group is just intriguing to me. What did they do with the white guy? Make him a solo artist of course. Plus, I can't watch P. Diddy on the show without thinking of Chappelle's version.

3) So Romney is out and Huckabee has a snowball in hell's chance of catching John "I Spent Five Years In A Box" McCain. McCain is officially a Republican but he's the closest thing to a Moderate that the GOP could throw out there. In other words, we're probably getting either Clinton or Obama for at least four years. Boo. If Hitlery wins, I may move to Belize.

4) Did my first run through of the Auto Show yesterday. Probably going back next weekend, because I was there with some friends that aren't as retarded about cars as I am.

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Skurny said...

I want some details about the auto show BESIDES THE NISSAN (which I'm sure we'll hear ALL about anyway). How's the new Caddy looking?