Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Bowl

My thoughts on the American Football Game played on Sunday (Monday, BB Time).

-I watched the game at a bar in Bellevue (www.taproomgrill.com), 160 beers on tap. I tried about six kinds too many. No average looking cheerleaders, unfortunately…just an above average looking staff.

-Not a lot of football fans at the game (other than my friend and I), especially considering that immediately upon sitting down, I realized there was a gay man and a British women at the table directly behind us. Luckily, he didn’t try to spend the entire game trying to explain the American Football to her. I would have corner kicked them straight onto the motorway. They were my Rod Woodson.

-Text message I sent with 9:45 left to go in the first quarter to Law School Tim: “If the G-men have three or more sacks in this game, they will win.”
Halftime (Giants: three sacks in the first half): “Holy shit I just picked the Giants.”

-I called my friend Ryan (biggest die-hard G-men fan I know and season ticket holder) as the clock was running out…I thought he was going to die he was hyperventilating so badly. Turns out, before fourth down he just ran outside into the street in Queens and just started screaming…his pictures of the parade and ensuing celebration Sunday night are hilarious.

-Little known Giants fact: this is their third Super Bowl Championship and their first parade.
1986: Then asexual mayor of New York Ed Koch (because the team plays in Jersey) refused to throw them one.
1990: The Gulf War (sound familiar to anyone) had just started and there was no parade out of respect to the men and women in service.

Overall, one of the best Super Bowls in my lifetime, without question….I certainly wasn’t planning on that Manning winning a Super Bowl this year. I would have placed my bet on Cooper over Eli in Training Camp. Two nagging questions: Why didn’t Big Bill try to kick the 49 yard FG and instead go for a 4th and 13? Why didn’t Eli kick Tiki Barber squaw in the nuts after the game?

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