Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Year of Beer

1) Just finished my second batch beer for the year. A Bavarian wheat. I plan to brew 10 more batches before Dec 31. That's 60 gallons of beer, or 24 cases, or roughly 576 beers. Somebody get be a new liver.

2) I also went to Piece off of the Damen Blue and got a growler for $16. Refills only cost $12. But more importantly with my #6 rubber stopper that I bought for 60 cents I can now brew 1/2 gallon batches of cider, mead, wine, champagne or anything else that strikes my fancy.

3) Hitachino has potential to be my new favorite beer. A little gingery for my taste. But still phenomonal. Drank this at Hop Haus near the Sound Bar downtown. Great burgers and an even greater beer menu. Go if you haven't.

4) Coming down the pipe, English Pale Ale, Crazy Pear Beer, and a nice cold Kolsch...

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