Thursday, May 15, 2008


Someone in my office just said "No Talent Assclowns" and that, of course, reminded me of you fools.

1. Back from Panama and Costa Rica on Sunday...what an f-ing trip. Highlights in no particular order:
-Turned 26, very possibly the most fun I've ever had on my birthday. The beach, a live band, dancing, stars, ocean, palm trees, hot central american women all over. etc, etc. Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica is alllll right with me.
-My traveling buddy from Michigan was robbed in Bocas Del Toro, Panama.
-I was bitten apparently by a spider and now I have a half dollar size bruise on my arm. I'm going to the doctor today.
-Went mountain biking and hiking on Volcan Baru, the highest point in Panama (it's a volcano).
-Got a tan. Yes, a tan. I couldn't believe it either.

2. Red Wings/Pistons Update: Despite the loss last night to the Stars, the Wings look to be headed to the best Stanley Cup Finals in years with a matchup against the Pens. BB's heart just skipped a beat.
Pistons are rolllling and hopefully this break will allow Chaunce to get healthy in time for the matchup against the 'Brons or the Celts. This series is going 7 because clearly, Boston is incapable of winning on the road.

3. Is there anything more annoying that when people have Bible quotes on their answering machine? I'm all for religion (well, sort of), but when it's on your work phone? Is that appropriate? Really? Thank you, I will have a blessed day, you jerk.

4. Tigers: Still suck, but not quite as bad as before.

5. Bonus Goal: I ran into Mrs. Jnicho on State the other night. Actually, it was less of a "run into" and more like a "secret date at Flemings, in which we shared all our innermost secrets and planned to run away together to the South of France". I mean, what?

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