Monday, August 11, 2008

Pineapple Express

Since there is still a little life left on these boards I'll make another post. Thanks BB.

Guys, please watch this movie. It's sad to say but I saw this twice within the first two days it was released. I'm telling you that it is phenomenal in many ways. The script is absolutely genius. The lines that come out of these guys are totally from left field leaving you speechless. It's about as unique of a movie as I can recall. It's not just stupid dick and fart jokes like Stepbrothers but something that actually took thought and a little wit.

James Franco completely stole the show with his portrayal of a pot head. A lot of people always talked about Brad Pitts rendition of a smoker in True Romance but that doesn't hold a hair on my balls to Franco's performance. (My scrotum is bald in case you wanted to know.)

It wasn't just Franco, Seth kicked ass as always and Danny Mcbride (smaller third role) added so much to the film in what little time he had on the screen.

I determine the greatness of a movie by the way I feel when I leave the theater and I left this movie feeling the same way I did when I was 4 and had just seen ET for the first time.

Worth the $10.

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