Tuesday, August 5, 2008


1. Is anyone else sick of hearing about Brett Farve? Fuck, I love the guy (in a gay way) but jesus, let's all move on with our lives. Yes, he was an idiot for not making up his mind and thinking he is sooooo important that the whole world can be put on hold for his one decision. And yes, the Packers are idiots for not wanting one of the best QB's of all time to come back to their organization. Fuck 'em, they're all idiots. Regardless of the team, I just want to see Farve in those sexy tights again.

2. So I saw Ghost Rider last night for the first time. Yeah, it was wasn't mid-August summer release worthy but I don't see what all the bitching was about. Everyone told me it was really childish so I never gave it a chance but it really wasn't that bad. Of course, Eva Mendez's sexy ass made this better than average movie into a spectacular 90 minute event. God, she's fucking hot.

Here is the goddess herself in her new commercial. hmmm nippies.


3. On with the movies...


Best Ferral movie since Anchorman. the chemestry between him and Reily was genius. Loved it so much that I went back to see it the next night. And if it weren't for Pineapple Express opening tonight, I might have ended up watching this again sometime in the next week. That good. If you like dick and fart jokes; watch this!!

4. When this came to my table, I could do nothing but think of how proud BB would be. Or disgusted...not sure which one.

I call it "Breakfast Fit For A King"


Brown Buddy said...

That a skirt steak? Its not going to do anything for your recent weight issues.

I also heard Step Brothers was gold...from a drunk dude in Put-in-Bay this past weekend. You heard it here first: drunken, slightly pudgy northwest Ohioans who wear Ohio State visors and chain smoke give Step Brothers three thumbs up.

Hmmm...and maybe I'll post my Favre thoughts...

AngryWhiteMan said...

Yes, it was skirt steak and it tasted phenomenal. Kinda weird for being fat free.

Don't listen to anyone about Step Brothers. Just go watch it, you won't be let down.

Brown Buddy said...

Fat free? I don't think so...skirt steaks are pretty lean...but not completely devoid of fat. So don't count on that third chin of yours to disappear anytime soon