Sunday, August 17, 2008

Top 4 Best Lines from the Bob Saget Comedy Central Roast

1. (Jeff Garlin): "I showed up on the set of Full House, and he introduced me to Mary Kate and Ashley, I asked him, 'how do I tell them apart?' He said, 'Ashley swallows'"

2. (Jim Norton): "Sarah Silverman's fucked so many comedians, she has a little light over her bed to let them know they have two minutes left"

3. (Bob Saget): "Jon Lovitz...your act is like masturbation. You're the only one that enjoys it, and you should be arrested for doing it in public."

4. (Gilbert Gottfried): "Cloris Leachman is so old, her tits are labeled 'whites only' and 'colored'"


AngryWhiteMan said...

I finally got a chance to watch the roast.

What was the deal with Norm McDonald? That dude is not funny at all.

I can't believe he actually made it anywhere with that type of humor. I knew it was different but his segment at the roast was ridiculous.

Brown Buddy said...

First of all...Norm is a genius. Bite your tongue. Clearly his best days are behind him.

I think he just half assed it...kinda like your (our) tenure at AIU. He showed up because it was a paycheck and he has some gambling debts, and probably spent the whole night before at the track or something.

Or so the germans would have us believe

jnicho5 said...

I agree with BB. AWM you're too dumb to understand Norm Mcdonald. The best was when he threw zingers back at the people who were ripping him.

Frankly, I thought Cloris Leachman stole the show.

AngryWhiteMan said...

LOL!! Your kidding I hope. No one laughed at his jokes and the only time he got an applause was when he was wrapping it up.

His reactions to people bagging on him was so awkward. I know that's his humor but the way he was reacting wasn't intentional.

I love the Norm of old but something has changed. His jokes that night were what I'd expect from a 70 year old man.

He obviously didn't give a fuck. I bet he was given those jokes right before he got there because he was in an alley shotting dice for a cab money.