Friday, September 12, 2008


A little Rampage update. And I still can't get an answer on what happened in this. Did he go crazy? It's like he up and wigged and after a few days everyone just accepted it.

Btw, is anyone going to the UFC here at the Rosemont in November? I was going to go but everyone backed out because the tickets are insanely expensive. The nosebleed seats are $80!!

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jnicho5 said...

Either on Foxsports, or the yahoo sports I saw an article about the rampage case in which he plead not guilty. He claimed that he had been "emotionally distraught" due to a "financial situation" and that he had not "slept in days" because he "feared for his life".

What kind of financial situation is that? I'm thinking either he owes somebody a crapload of money after Griffin beat him, or somebody owes him a lot of money. Maybe a drug deal gone bad. Something not on the up and up.

That whole situation was about one or two bad decisions away from becoming a cross between Chris Benoit and an O.J Simpson scenario.