Tuesday, February 27, 2007

You guys aren't going to believe this.

So here at fAkeIU, they implemented a system to determine how much of a student's assignment matches other assignments that have been turned in in the past to see who plagiarizes. The funny part is that they started going back into the system and checking the homework people have submitted. They said a few of the managers at CTU have gotten canned for cheating on degrees they have already completed. Oh yeah, and they are taking degrees away from students that are caught plagiarizing regardless of how long ago they did it.


Brown Buddy said...


Actually, its funny you referred to it as FakeIU just now...that might be the most sincerely honest move they've made in the 3 years I've known that company

AngryWhiteMan said...

Nothing sincere or honest about it. They are just trying to keep their accreditation. Without that, this school is going out of business.

Brown Buddy said...

its shitty that they did that retroactively...isn't there a statute of limitations on turning in the same econ paper? Especially when you aren't aware of the consequences years later?