Monday, March 26, 2007

Landmark Day

1) Today marks the first time somebody that wasn't one of us posted a comment on this site.
2) "Shocked" my beer yesterday and I believe I restarted the fermentation process that had gotten stuck this week. We'll see. I'm taking another reading tomorrow.
3) Got another lead today on the outside. If it goes to sale tomorrow I get $800 +.
4) Today people who didn't get a lead had to dance across the street from where we work so the rest of us could laugh at them. Freakin' hilarious to watch people walk by them. A couple times innocent bystanders were engaged. It was completely voluntarily and everyone was a good a sport. The best dancer got $100 cash. I know videos were taken. I'm gonna look for them on youtube.


Brown Buddy said...

Are you sure it was voluntary? I have a feeling those who refused were threatened immediate anal penetration via a rusty crowbar

Wow...that made even me blush

AngryWhiteMan said...

Reminds me of fraternity hazing. Wait, that's exactly what it is!!