Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hump Day Goals

Remember when it was cool to send "hump day" goals?

1) $32,500 is what I made the company yesterday. And they paid in full, not half, which means I get all $700 bonus in my next check. I still get a bonus if we raise the money for them in 6 mos or so.
2) I also got a sale today. I believe that will go into my next check. Money in the pipe.
3) I was not named t-lead today when my old t-lead stepped down. My new t-lead told me I was right in my assumption of being on a very short list and it came down to he had been there 2 months longer than me and knew the job better, and had made the company more money. Which is fine, because I wasn't ready to be my old t-lead's t-lead. Another month or two of me doing what I'm doing and I'm in like flynn.
4) SA or "closer" is the next job after t-lead. These guys average about 80k their first year and make money by the thousands when they do. Of course salary is completely uncapped, but 80k is the average.
5) Screwed the pooch and did not get a lead today, which means I'm not going to the Cubs game. I'm pretty I wasn't going anyway since I have two family events in michigan at the end of the month, but I was hoping to give my ticket to my old t-lead who is a huge cubs fan and was no where near getting a ticket.
6) The company closed on a 20m $ gig today. It collected $1.2m as a commission. Two people in my position (actually one of them is now a closer) divided up somewhere between 12k and 36k bonus between them. The BIG WIG opened a bottle of $850 tequila and let all partake who helped close the deal.

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Skurny said...

I think Jnicho just took an $850 swig of the Kool-Aid.

You sicko.