Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Bronx is Burning

1) Watched the game last night from the 9th inning on. Skurny's boys need Zumaya back, big time. Looks like a September return, which sucks for Tigers fans who now have to suffer through Jose Capellan and Macay McBride (two former Braves who enjoy walking people).

2) The ESPN love affair with the 3rd place Toronto Blue Jays...err...rather, I'm sorry, thats the Yankees in 3rd place....has reached its absolute apex with the premier of "Bronx is Burning" on Monday night (starring Oliver Platt as George Steinbrenner). I would ordinarily delight in this year's mediocre performance by the Yanks, but I've decided to take a platform of indifference. They are simply a 200 million dollar Orioles. That's it. And I could care less about the Orioles, so why do I care about the Yankees?

3) This article by Gene Wojciechowski represents everything I despise about ESPN and the electronic media age in general. Great Gene, you hate soccer. I'm sure you aren't alone. Why waste 5 pages telling us of all the reasons why? It seems ironic to me that someone who actually receives a paycheck from the worldwide leader in sports is actually bragging about the fact that they can't name more than 6 athletes of the world's most popular sport. He's proud of this fact! How does this guy have a job? I have similar rants on columnists who celebrate their distaste for hockey, but in most cases, its just a hack journalist who can't a laugh any other way than to take a shot at a something as arbitrary as a freakin' sport.

4) Has anyone seen the RGX Body Spray commercials? The girl in those commercials is becoming something of an internet sensation, and yet no one knows her name. If you happen to be in a room full of guys when one of those commercials comes on, take note at everyone's jaw hitting the floor at the same time.

UPDATE: Ok, its amazing what hitting "page 2" on a Google search can do for you. Turns out her name is Rachael Spector, and she hosts some show on the G4 Network, which means my best friend from high school probably knows her, since he works for the G4 Network. This now increases my chances of sleeping with her from .00001% to .00002%.

Oh, and here's a tribute video someone made- set to "Policy of Truth" by Depeche Mode (an interesting song choice, but anytime The Mode gets exposure, I'm ok with it)

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