Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Da 4th Goals

Happy 4th of July Gobble Gobble....

1) Went to a barbecue across the street from... Who did I meet? Two homebrewers and one of them reminded me of Skurny! My beer had rave reviews by like 10 people who tried it.

2) Only problem is it wasn't the IPA I expected. The reviews I got were, "Creamy" "Smooth" and "Tasty", which are very uncharacteristic of an IPA.

3) Anyone wondering how I added of these line breaks? It doesn't matter 'caue Blogger does them without knowing html. Stupid updated blogger. I'm so bitter.

4) I'm bringing out my beer tomorrow night at Goose down on Clyborn. Why don't you two join me before English (BB you're welcome to join us). I've got an interview on Friday, so I can't join you, but it'd be great to see you guys tomorrow. Free booze! What a great way to warm up while we catch up!

5) P.S. To get link of Curly just googles image search "curly nyuk"

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